5 Gas Analyser OIML

5 Gas Analyser OIML

Hand Held 5 Gas Analyser OIML Class 1

The Kane Auto 4-1 & 5-1 Series Exhaust Gas Analysers are truly portable and set new standards of convenience and ease of use.

Measures CO, HC, O2, CO2, and Lambda (or AFR)

Weighing just 1kg, the handset fits comfortably in the hand and can run for up to 4 hours on its internal re-chargeable battery.

Ideal for emission diagnostics, tuning and regulated testing, where OIML Class 1 is specified.


  • Easy to use hand held 5 gas analyser.
  • Declaration of conformity to OIML R99 Class 1.
  • Certificate of calibration supplied.
  • Ideal for emissions diagnostics, tuning and regulated testing. Measures CO, HC, O2, CO2,NOx and Lambda (or AFR).
  • Fast warm up time and fast response time with higher output pump.
  • 5 language options built in
  • Store up to 250 Tests
  • RPM and oil temperature measurements plus accessories.
  • Prints via optional Infra-red printer.
  • PC compatible via RS232 for uploading stored data to PC for spreadsheet or graphical analysis and printing.

A Union Jack flag with made in the UK written on it

Box Contents

  • Anlayser with protective rubber sleeve
  • Water trap and filter
  • 12v adapter cable
  • AC power supply/battery charger
  • Spare filters
  • Exhaust probe
  • Carry case
  • Manual


Parameter Resolution Accuracy Range
Carbon Monoxide 0.01% ±5% of reading*1
±0.06% volume*1
Over-range 20%
Oxygen 02 (Fuel Cell) 0.01% ±5% of reading *1
±0.1% volume*1
Over-range 48%
Hydrocarbon (HC-hexane) (NDIR) 1ppm ±5% of reading*1
±12ppm volume*1
Over-range: 10,000ppm
Carbon Dioxide (Infrared) 1ppm ±5% of reading*1
±0.5% volume*1
Over-range: 25%
Nitric Oxide*2 (fuel cell) 1ppm 0-4000ppm ±4% or 25ppm;
4000 - 5000ppm ±5%
Oil Temperature 0.1°C/F ±2.0°C±0.3% of reading
±3.6°F±0.3% of reading
RMP 1 rpm 50 rpm 200-6,000 rpm.
Carbon Monoxide Corrected CO 0.01% Calculated 0-15%
AFR (Petrol)
 0.8 - 1.2
11.76 - 17.64
12.48 - 18.72

*1 Using dry gases at STP

*2 Standard on models Auto 5-2 and 5-1 only

To obtain the quoted specificaton an instrument should be calibrated with clean ambient air (normally outside the workshop) at standard temperature and pressure (STP).

**Note:** The analyser is not for use with a Dynometer, unless the high temperature probe is fitted.

Sensor response T95 15 seconds for Auto 4-1, 5-1
Nominal 20 seconds Auto 4-2, 5-2, 4-3 & 5-3
Warm Up Less than 3 minutes
Pre-programmed Fuels Petrol, LPG and CNG
Data-Logging 255 Snap Shots

220mm x 55mm 120mm
Insertion depth 350mm x Diameter 15mm
Clip handle to secure to exhaust, 4m long home
Various probes available including high temperature
Ambient Operating Range +5°C to +40°C/10% to 90% RH non condensing
Storage temperature Minimum: 0°C
Maximum: +50°C
Battery Charger Input: 110Vac/230 Vac nominal
Output: 10Vac off load
Analyser battery run time >4hours from full charge with the pump running


14102-2 Soft case

Service Price

Type Price
Calibration £85
Service (excluding toxic sensor) £250

Calibration or Conformity Certificates are included in all prices, as appropriate

All prices are in £ sterling and are exclusive of VAT.







AUTO 4-1, 5-1, 5-2, 4-2  Manual

AUTO 4-1, 5-1, 5-2, 4-2 Manual

AUTO 4-1, 5-1, 5-2, 4-2  Manual

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AUTO4-1 / 5-1

AUTO4-1 / 5-1

AUTO4-1 / 5-1

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