KANE77 Personal CO Alarm
  • KANE77 Personal CO Alarm
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Personal CO Monitor for ambient carbon monoxide (CO) levels in commercial & residential spaces

- Measures CO from 0 to 999 ppm

- Long life CO sensor with 5 year life

- One button ON with Auto Zero

- Captures maximum value

- Preset Alarms - Vibrating Alarm

- Visual three colour LED - Audible tone - If readings 30 ppm or above - Data Hold

- Back lit display

- Battery Indication


Carbon monoxide is life threatening even at relatively low concentrations. Be sure you understand the risks before investigating potential leaks

Please read the instruction manual

This monitor must only be used by trained and competent persons after due consideration of all the potential hazards. If any doubt seek expert advice.
Estimated delivery time: 1 working days

£159.00 exc VAT