Welcome to KANE

The UK’s best flue gas & engine exhaust analysers

All KANE analysers come with KANE CARE - our 5 star, 10 year warranty, 20 year no hassle service or your money back

Some KANE analysers also have KANE LINK - our promise to future proof your analyser.

This means your KANE LINK analyser today is future proofed for tomorrow’s Heat Pumps & Hydrogen boilers

Who are we

We deliver Essential Instruments with Outstanding Service to ensure safe and energy efficient homes, industry & transportation

We’re a 2nd generation family business making the UK’s best boiler & engine exhaust analysers supported by KANE CARE & KANE LINK - our 2 promises to never let you down

Our Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, and Atherton, Greater Manchester, centres are ISO 9001, ISO 14000 & ISO 17025 certified

We sell & support our customers in over 40 countries with sales & service partners including sister companies in France, Germany, North America, Mexico, China, Hong Kong & Korea

We are also the UK’s only portable analyser supplier with UKAS gas certification for analysers measuring O2, CO & NO

Our history

In 1954 Douglas and Betty Kane started Douglas Kane Associates.

In 1963 Douglas Kane helped his friend Ernest May start Kane-May after Ernest designed the UK’s 1st handheld electronic thermometer.

In 1982 Kane-May launched its first portable flue gas analyser to test boiler combustion efficiency

In 1994 Kane-May became Kane International, now called KANE, to continue developing the best flue gas & engine emission analysers

KANE is now run by Jonathan & Michael Kane with experienced design & manufacturing teams in UK & South Korea and sales & after sales teams in France, Germany, USA, Canada, Mexico & China.

Some recent moments


  • KANE AUTO, World’s 1st & only handheld battery powered engine exhaust analyser approved to MID & OIML class 1


  • KANE455, World’s 1st & only domestic boiler analyser directly measuring CO2 flue gases


  • KANE opens new building in Atherton, Greater Manchester, for our Northern Service & PCB assembly team


  • KANE457, World’s 1st & only domestic & commercial analyser directly measuring CO2 & CO in flue gases & ambient air independently tested to EN50379 & EN50543


  • KANE opens new HQ in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, moving 3 local sites into 1


  • KANE258 & KANE458s, World’s 1st & only domestic boiler analysers with 10 year warranty
  • KANE CARE, World’s 1st & only 5 star, 10 year guarantee with all inclusive price servicing for 20 years for the best after sales service or your money back


  • KANE LINK, World’s 1st & only guarantee to future proof your KANE LINK analyser, now available on KANE458s, KANE958 & KANE988


  • KANE958 & KANE988s, World’s 1st & only industrial boiler analysers with KANE CARE 10 year warranty and KANE LINK


  • KANE-EGA 1-3 & 4-5, our relaunched engine exhaust analysers now with KANE CARE 10 year warranty
  • KANE458s IAQ tests CO in 4 rooms simultaneously with 4 KANE79 wireless room CO monitors - As used by Cadent & Northern Gas Networks (NGN)


  • 60 years of innovation celebrated with our KANE460 & KANE988+ - the world’s 1st & only analysers testing boilers or engine emissions, heat pumps, air conditioning & refrigeration systems and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • IGEM Lions Lair Winners with Time to Stop CO - Our campaign to stop needless deaths & injuries from CO

Our Mission

The most trusted supplier of smart innovation & outstanding customer service

Respect our environment and nurture our talented team

Innovate to win customer loyalty and enjoy what we do

Our 2 Promises

KANE CARE - No hassle, award winning customer service

  • 20 year all inclusive fixed price after sales service

  • 10 year warranty for any KANE analyser annually serviced by KANE

  • 5 star, award winning customer service on 0800 059 0800 7am to 5pm any normal weekday

  • Same Day Service guarantee when booked online - some exceptions apply

See our 5 star trustpilot reviews on the KANE CARE page

KANE LINK - Future proof your KANE LINK analyser

  • Test boilers & engines you care for today

  • Test appliances you care for tomorrow - Heat Pumps, A/C systems, appliances using new fuels like 20% & 100% H2 or synthetic fuels like HVO

  • Test homes & workplace indoor air quality for harmful CO, poor ventilation & high CO2 levels

  • Buy what you need today then upgrade what you need tomorrow

See our KANE LINK home page

Our Careers - Why you should come to KANE

KANE is a 60 year old, 2nd generation family business you’ve never heard of

But to our customer we’re their most important supplier – If our equipment doesn’t work, they can’t work and our homes and workplaces won’t be safe and warm.

We need talented people to help deliver our Essential Instruments with Outstanding Customer Service

We’re an international business with half our sales outside the UK and our plan is simple, sustainable and self funded - £30 million sales by 2030

If you’ve never heard of us, ask your heating engineer about KANE flue gas analysers - we’re the UK’s best flue gas & engine exhaust analyser mfr for heating engineers & anyone testing engines

Here’s why you should work with us

Pay & benefits - Our lowest salaries are higher than the minimum wage, our average salaries are higher than UK average, we adjust yearly for inflation and everyone is in our John Lewis Partnership style bonus pool.

We care for our team, offering flexible working hours, regular reviews, mentoring, mental & physical health insurance, zero cost loans & long service recognition.

We run quarterly staff surveys and host town hall meetings to discuss how we’re doing.

New colleagues receive great career development & job satisfaction – in months you’ll have new skills & responsibilities and on average stay over 8 years and we have many colleagues with 15+ years service.

Our modern HQ in Welwyn Garden City, the UK’s 2nd garden city, is visble from the railway line & road bridge - We’re a 5 minute walk to Welwyn’s station & town centre.

Our second home in Atherton, Greater Manchester, is a 10 minute walk to the station & town centre.

Both are spacious and safe, on well lit roads with car parking, have EV chargers & bike racks, showers & break rooms

We take outreach seriously – for example, helping University of Hertfordshire Formula Students design & build cars to challenge other universities.

We work with other universities – Imperial & Brunel – and local schools & colleges. It isn’t easy, given we have day jobs and are busy, but we know it’s necessary.

We hope you’ll want to work with us - a company you’ve never heard of – and be an important part of our future, not a small cog in a big company.

We enter competitions to see if we’re on the right track - In 2021 we won 2 awards for Hertfordshire’s Best Business & Best Customer Service and in 2022 we’re up for a Queen’s Award for Innovation

Finally, we have great values, big ambitions and a clear plan for growth - we walk the talk

Whatever role you apply for, you’ll join a team that knows where it’s going and why

Here’s what you’ll need to be successful at KANE:

Radical truth - You’ll win our respect if you can be trusted

Customer at heart - You’ll make us, our customers and our stakeholders happy if you help develop smart, relevant innovation whatever your role

Passion - It’s obvious but you must enjoy what you do because we’re too small to employ “jobsworths”

If we’re not advertising but you’d like to work for us, email your CV to [email protected] and the role we should consider you for - Please don’t be offended if we don’t reply