KANE UKAS Calibration Certificates

KANE calibration certificates are valid for 1 year and meet National Standards - proof your analyser meets our specification, similar to a vehicle MOT at your local garage.

KANE gas analyser UKAS certificates ensure the best possible level of calibration, testing to the highest degree of accuracy in our ISO 17025 certification centre, equivalent to a National Standards Test Centre - Imagine your vehicle tested by an independant body with the best possible test equipment giving you the most accurate performance information.

KANE UKAS certificates have worldwide recognition, offering the highest standard of proof suitable for legal submission - Incident investigation or room CO migration tests with analysers with valid KANE UKAS certificates gives you the highest possible confidence.

KANE UKAS certificates are easy to organise - Add when you buy or when time for KANE CARE service & recertification - KANE UKAS certificates are fixed price and only add 1 day to our KANE CARE promise.

KANE is the only UK gas analyser manufacturer with an independant calibration laboratory accredited to ISO 17025 - UKAS is the only authority accrediting UK calibration laboratories - visit www.ukas.com/about/the-benefits

For the best results, select KANE UKAS when time to buy your analyser or return it for KANE CARE

KANE CARE recertifies your analyser, repairing or replacing any item compromising specification, including analyser probe, charger, carry bag & printer for up to 20 years - our decision is final.

Any questions? Call 0800 059 0800 or email [email protected] for more information.

UKAS Certificate