KANE UKAS Calibration Certificates

Why KANE UKAS Calibration Certificates?

KANE is the only UK analyser manufacturer accredited by UKAS to ISO 17025.

UKAS is the only authority allowed to accredit UK laboratories.

KANE UKAS guarantees the best possible calibration certificate to the highest degree of accuracy.

KANE UKAS certificates deliver peace of mind

  • Your analyser tested in our UKAS test centre
  • Your analyser tested to the highest standard
  • Your analyser tested in the most controlled environment
  • Your analyser tested by the best equipment

KANE UKAS Applications

  • Room CO migration tests
  • CO poisoning incident investigations
  • Combustion plant in strictly controlled facilities
  • Customers wanting best accuracy confirmation

KANE UKAS certificates are recognised worldwide, suitable for legal submission.

Order when you buy new or organise KANE CARE - KANE UKAS certificates are fixed price and add 1 day to delivery.

UKAS Certificate