Our Northern & Southern service centres are the UK's only locations authorised to service, repair & recertify Kane analysers.

To book your analyser in online it needs to be registered. To do this click here.

Service - Calibrate - Recertify

You can count the reasons on one hand!
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1) Fixed prices ensure you know the full cost of ownership before you buy

2) Flue Gas Analysers will drift out of calibration over time - only Kane can adjust them back to the manufactures' specification & return them as accurate as the day they were purchased

3) Analysers always seem to require a service when you need them the most! Kane's two UK Service Centres pride themselves on their fast service turnaround times

4) Every Kane analyser is returned with a fully traceable calibration certificate & another 12 months warranty. After 6 years, warranty becomes limited to replacement parts only

5) In some cases an out-of-calibration analyser means any combustion reports you produce are invalid, so it is very important you get your analyser recertified

KANE is now the UK's largest, fastest & most reliable FGA after sales service provider

Our Northern & Southern Service Centres are the UK's only locations authorised to Service - Calibrate - Recertify & Repair Kane analysers

You can book your analyser in online via your Dashboard, send it or call us to arrange a pre-booked while-you-wait service, saving you time & potential lost revenue

We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround for a fixed price, which includes:

  • Inspecting your analyser & accessories, testing its functionality & adjusting it to our specification
  • Free software upgrades where applicable
  • Parts & labour on these replaceable parts as required: CO & CO2/O2 sensors, pump & battery. Parts not included are optionally fitted toxic cells, cases & probes
  • All internal tubing, water trap, particle & chemical filters
  • Recertifying to national standards & issuing a fully traceable calibration certificate to confirm your analyser's performance
  • A complimentary Service Pack
  • Return carriage via a Next Day delivery service (UK mainland only)

Kane is the only UK manufacturer of hand-held gas analyser to be granted UKAS accreditation to ISO / IEC 17025:2017 for its Welwyn Garden City calibration laboratory, covering a range of gases, temperature & pressure Kane is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & BS OHSAS 18001

Our Northern Service Centre offers service & repair for your other instruments, including: thermometers, pressure meters, & multimeters

Returning Your Analyser to Kane

When returning your analyser to Kane, please always ensure that you enclose:

  • RMA label if you have used our new simple online booking in process
  • Your full contact details
  • A daytime telephone number
  • Details of faults you might have experienced
  • Any relevant accessories (e.g. probe, printer, adaptor & leak detectors). Any accessories that are returned will be checked

Where To Send Your Analyser

Our Northern or Southern Service Centres.

Kane Dashboard

We really want you to register your Kane analyser to create your dashboard - your personal online analyser portal.

Benefits of using your dashboard to manage your analyser include:

  • FREE postage when returning your analyser
  • An automatic reminder when it's time to Service - Calibrate - Recertify
  • Fixed service prices are always visible
  • Our new simple online booking in procedure to arrange to Service - Calibrate - Recertify ensures you receive the fastest turnaround times possible
  • Easy access to your analyser's calibration certificates & service history
  • A record of your model & serial number with the ability to report your analyser stolen
  • Product specific information & resources all in the one place

Online Booking In Procedure

To book your Kane analyser in online it needs to be registered. To register, please create an account. If you have already registered, please sign in to your dashboard.

From your dashboard click "Service & Recertify" & our new simple online booking in process will keep your analyser up to date.

Cold weather precaution

It is important that engineers keep their flue gas analysers in a warm place overnight. Electronic devices that are allowed to become really cold, say, by being left in a vehicle overnight, might suffer from problems when taken into a warm room the next morning. Condensation may form which can affect the operation of the device and even cause permanent damage to the circuit.

Also the electrochemical sensors that are used in flue gas analysers can be affected by condensation or by water being sucked into the analyser, as the very small aperture on the top of the sensors can become blocked with water. This stops sensors from seeing flue gas. When this happens the oxygen or carbon dioxide reading will generally be displayed as β€œ- - - -β€œ and the sensors may be permanently damaged.

If you think that your analyser is being affected by condensation or water ingress, it may be possible to rectify the problem yourself. Simply leave the analyser running in a warm place, with the pump β€˜ON’, sampling fresh air for a few hours. (Use the mains adapter/battery charger if you need to). If after doing this you are still experiencing problems please contact one of our service departments.

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