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Essential Instruments

  • Products

    Flue Gas Analysers

    With specific applications including the installation, commissioning and servicing of domestic oil, commercial, commercial catering and industrial gas appliances. Safety checks, CO in a room or around an appliance. Combustion performance, combustion efficiency checks and Flue Draught.

  • M icon indoor air quality

    Indoor Air Quality

    Personal and Portable monitoring of CO, CO2 and Air Flow in domestic and commercial spaces. Also includes specific commercial catering appications and incident investigation.

  • M icon leakdetection

    Leak Detectors

    We offer easy to use leak detectors ideal for pinpointing leaks on various gases including methane, propane and natural gas. Also includes refrigerant leak detectors for CFC's and HCFC's.

  • M icon pressure

    Pressure Meters

    High accuracy pressure meters including meters suitable for difficult applications such as flue draft measurement and differential pressure of gas/air ratio vales on high efficiency boilers.

  • M icon thermometers


    Digital and infrared thermometers measuring up to 1370°C/2498°F. Options include measuring single and differential temperature, also includes specific applications for temperature and flow when Benchmark testing.

  • M icons multimeters


    A selection of easy to use robust multimeters and "clamp on" multimeters. Features include; amps, AC/DC volts, ohms and frequency measurement. Also some models include true RMS and auto ranging.

  • M icon combustion probes

    Combustion Probes

    With each flue gas analyser comes a high quality stainless steel probe. Most with integral thermocouples. Options for both standard and high temperature.

  • M icon automotive

    Automotive Analysers

    Portable and easy to use automotive exhaust gas analysers and a diesel exhaust smoke meter designed to meet recognised international standards including MID and OIML Class 1.

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