KANE CARE Terms & Conditions:

1.1 KANE CARE is a service supplied by Kane International Ltd (KANE, we, us) to our customers (you, they) - we reserve the right to change our service at any time.

1.2 KANE CARE variants may be supplied by other KANE companies & authorised partners whose terms & conditions may differ.

1.3 KANE CARE applies to KANE analysers, manometers, CO monitors & other measuring devices requiring annual service & recertification.

1.4 We make every effort to deliver KANE CARE but force majeure may require suspension or service alteration - we will inform at time of engagement.

1.5 KANE CARE applies to KANE customers who use www.kane.co.uk to register & manage KANE devices for annual service & recertification.

1.6 If you do not register your analyser or use www.kane.co.uk you accept you may not receive some KANE CARE benefits - e.g: same day service & recertification or 50% off a new analyser if yours is stolen.

1.7 KANE CARE is not universal - You accept you may not receive some benefits such as same day service & recertification depending on analyser model, sensors & certification required - For example, optional sensors or UKAS certification.

1.8 Subject to above, KANE CARE promises: free overnight UK tracked delivery to & from us; same working day service & recertification; renewed annual warranty for 10 years from new; repair or replacement of analyser, probe, carry bag, charger & printer for up to 20 years from new & 50% off a new analyser if yours is stolen.

1.9 You must book & pay for KANE CARE on www.kane.co.uk - you can return your analysers to KANE using our nominated carriers at time of booking or deliver yourself but we will return analyser & supplied accessories using our carriers at time of booking, except by prior agreement.

1.10 If your analyser is lost in transit to or from us, we will make every reasonable effort to find your analyser - we may make reasonable requests of you and, if we still cannot find your analyser, will decide how best to make good lost items.

1.11 Although we pay for your analyser to be sent to us & returned to you as quickly as reasonably possible, we are not responsible for delivery delays.

1.12 Subject to 1.7, KANE CARE promises same working day service & recertification once we acknowledge receipt of your analyser by 10am any normal working day, whether in person or by courier - Your analyser will be ready to return to you the same day we receive it.

1.13 If we break this promise without good reason or without reference to force majeure we will refund your KANE CARE Service & Recertification cost for the affected analyser.

1.14 We cannot promise same working day service for deliveries acknowledged after 10am nor if 10+ analysers arrive from you the same day before 10am.

1.15 Refunding your KANE CARE Service & Recertification cost does not make us liable for other losses, consequential or otherwise.

1.16. When we receive your analyser for KANE CARE Service & Recertification, we renew warranty for another year for up to 10 years from new which includes KANE items listed in 1.8.

1.17 You can return your analyser under warranty if it develops a fault within 12 months of previous KANE CARE Service & Recertification - If repair under warranty requires us to supply a new calibration certificate, the expiry date will be the same as for the certificate it replaces.

Our KANE CARE warranty does not apply to analysers & accessories we reasonably believe to be faulty through misuse, abuse or failure to follow operating instructions. We may refuse warranty after taking reasonable steps to identify the cause of failure and our decision is final.

1.18 If we receive your analyser under warranty within 30 days of requiring a new calibration certificate, this service will be performed and must be paid for unless you specify otherwise. If you do not accept this, your analyser will be repaired under warranty and returned without a valid calibration certificate.

1.19. KANE CARE Service & Recertification extends to all accessories listed in 1.8 not requiring calibration or a required 3rd party test. We will check, repair or replace at our expense to ensure your analyser reasonably meets in use specification - our decision is final.

1.20 We will replace items with similar items we believe reasonably meets intended requirement - our decision is final and we do not return replaced items.

1.21 If your analyser & kit is stolen, you will receive 50% off the prevailing recommended end user price for a new KANE analyser & kit with same or similar specification to your stolen analyser - our decision is final.

1.22 To receive this discount, your stolen analyser must have been previously registered on www.kane.co.uk and you must have entered a valid Police Crime Reference number on your analyser dashboard before calling our Customer Service team - we may refuse if we reasonably believe your claim is not genuine.

1.23 We will replace your stolen analyser for free if covered under our KANE CARE 5 Year Service Plan or Service Contract, subject to 1.20 & 1.21 - You may make one claim per 5 Year Service Plan or Service Contract.

1.24 When we replace your analyser for free, the expiry date of your KANE CARE 5 Year Service Plan or Contract remains the same as for the analyser it replaces.

1.25 KANE CARE terms & conditions apply in addition to our standard terms & conditions.

Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at [email protected].

We are a registered limited company in the UK as follows:

Kane International Limited
Company number 01555423

Registered office address:

Kane House,
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