Gas Utilisation: Navigating the Challenges

We’re sponsoring & exhibiting at the IGEM Gas Utilisation Conference on the 16th of April at the Solihull National Conference Centre.

Easter Opening Hours

KANE’s opening hours during the Easter Weekend.


Managing analysers and organising annual recertification is easy when you use KANE ASSET MANAGER.

KANE & TEWKE TAP - Revolutionising Home Automation

Tewke Tap is an intelligent light switch launching Summer 2024, following 3 years of patent protected development by Tewke, a specialist home automation company.

KANE LINK - Our future proof promise

KANE LINK is our guarantee your KANE analyser works, no matter what happens next.

KANE on the BBC One show

On 12th February the BBC One Show featured Cadent’s great work helping vulnerable customers out of fuel poverty.

KANE Welcomes Next Generation Plumbing & Heating Engineers

We welcomed 14 plumbing & heating students from Oaklands College St Albans for a training session and to see how we design and make our analysers and deliver award winning KANE CARE customer service.

Time to Stop CO - 5 solutions from KANE

It’s time to stop CO with 5 new CO solutions from KANE:

KANE LIVE - your go to app

KANE LIVE connects & controls your KANE analyser with wireless or KANE LINK.

Contact us

We open 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday & 7am to 1pm Saturday.

KANE UKAS Calibration Certificates

While standard calibration certificates meet National Standards, UKAS certificates from KANE guarantee the very best possible calibration, tested to the highest degree of accuracy in our ISO 17025 certification centre.

Bright Lights in the City

KANE welcomed Welwyn Hatfield’s Mayor, Councillors & staff to celebrate new energy efficient lighting at its Bessemer Road HQ.

Christmas and New Year – Get Your FGA Recalibrated In Time For New Year

We close from 6pm Friday 22nd December until 7am Tuesday 2nd January.


At the start of Carbon Monoxide Awareness week are you #carbonmonoxideaware?

World Ventil8 day - Healthy buildings for healthy lives

KANE analysers protect our homes, schools, where we work & how we get there and are the World’s only analysers certified to EN50379 & EN50543.

See you at PHEX Manchester

Not long to go now before the doors open @phexshow Manchester. Come and meet the team & see our product range including our Kane460 HVACR - The world’s first HVACR analyser.

KANE CARE around the world

Our customers love our award winning KANE CARE after sales service & recertification programme.

KANE welcomes Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce

25 HCC members shared our 60 years of innovation, our vision and saw how lean practices removes waste, simplifies processes and doubles productivity.

KANE & Gas Safety Week 2023 - Fighting for a Gas Safe Nation

We proudly support Gas Safety Week 2023 starting 11th September - See how you can win a KANE78 personal CO alarm & Gas Safe ID card holder.

KANE Opening Hours

We’re open longer & on Saturday for the best possible customer service or your money back.

Game Changers - 60 years of innovation - part 2

Our KANE460 with KANE LINK is the world’s only boiler, heat pump, air conditioning & refrigeration analyser - commission, service & test heating, cooling & refrigeration systems with real time safety & efficiency calculations.

Time to stop CO - part 2

CO comes from heating systems, cookers, fires, wood burning stoves, BBQs, nearby road traffic, generators and diesel or petrol engines - It can’t be seen, smelt or tasted and is often called the Silent Killer.

Decarbonise off gas grid homes with HVO - tell your MP

Over 1.7 million homes use oil for heating but the UK plans to ban new oil boilers from 2026.

Goodbye & Hello - KANE AUTO & Engine Analysers

We proudly say goodbye to our KANE AUTO analysers first launched 20+ years ago and welcome our new KANE-EGA engine analysers.

Game Changers - 60 years of Innovation

Our new KANE458s IAQ & KANE460 analysers celebrate 60 years of innovation, backed by KANE CARE - Our Queen’s Award winning promise to never let you down or your money back.