These guidelines are designed to help you use Kane International's brand and assets, including the use of our logo and the way Kane products must be displayed.

High resolution Kane logo and product images can be found in the Image Centre section of this site.


The Kane trademark is recognised as a symbol of professional quality. The trademark logo consists of the Kane name in a black square with the large K in green and white.

These guidelines are provided to ensure every time the Kane trademark is used both internally and externally it communicates the quality and professionalism associated with the Kane brand. Do not use old Kane and Kane-May trademark logos you may have on your system.

If you are unclear about the use of these guidelines you should contact the Kane International Marketing Department on +44 (0) 1707 384823 or send an email to: [email protected].


To preserve the visual integrity, we have established a space around the entire trademark logo. This area should be preserved anytime you use the trademark logo and is equal to the height of the “KANE.” This space around the entire trademark allows it to command a visual presence. This area should be left empty of any typographic or design elements.

Correct Spacing


Kane Corporate colours are Kane green, black, and white. As a rule, the Kane trademark logo should never appear smaller than 15 mm square, the green and white trademark logo on a black background is our preferred version.


Kane green is Pantone 327, or 4-colour process:-

  • C 100% M 0% Y 44% K 17%
  • Cyan 100% Magenta 0% Yellow 44% Black 17%


For any screen reproduction, such as in a Powerpoint presentation, television or Web site, Kane green is R: 0, G: 133, B: 135 (HTML #008587). This is Kane green and no other green is acceptable.

The Kane green, black and white trademark logo on a white background is the preferred usage.

RGB Logo


For any grayscale applications the Kane green becomes black 60%.

Greyscale logo


For any applications where Greyscale is not available, this Black and White logo should be used.

Black and white logo


The Kane trademark logo is designed to be used on a black background.

In this case please ensure that the Kane backgroundless logo is used as illustrated.

RGB Logo


Placement of the ® is following the KANE “E“ as shown. This mark must be visually represented every time the KANE trademark is used.

If the logo is to be used below 15 mm square please contact the Kane International Marketing Department +44 (0) 1707 384823 [email protected] for assistance.

Registered Logo


Any time the trademark logo is used it must be accompanied by this legal statement:

® KANE and the KANE logo (registered in the UK and elsewhere) are trademarks of Kane Group Limited, used under license.

This is to appear everywhere the Kane logo appears eg: literature, posters, datasheets, website, etc. with the exception of printed stationery such as letterheaded paper, internal forms.


The following are examples of INCORRECT usage of the Kane trademark logo.

Do not alter the look or proportion of the Kane trademark logo in any way.

Incorrect Logo 1

Do not add any other graphic elements around or inside the clear space of the Kane trademark logo.

Incorrect Logo 2

Do not add any type in or around the Kane trademark logo.

Incorrect Logo 3

Do not enclose within a shape which may be perceived as part of the Kane trademark logo.

Incorrect Logo 4

Do not use the Kane trademark logo without the register mark ® without prior permission.

Incorrect Logo 5

Do not change the box colour of the Kane trademark logo.

Incorrect Logo 6

Do not change the colour of the ‘K’ in the Kane trademark logo.

Incorrect Logo 7

Do not use the Kane trademark logo in a colour other than Kane green, black and white.

Incorrect Logo 8

Do not duplicate the Kane trademark logo in accompanying type messages.

Incorrect Logo 9

Do not include the Kane trademark logo in a headline or with text.

Incorrect Logo 10

Do not apply the Kane trademark logo to visually competitive backgrounds.

Incorrect Logo 11

Do not use the Kane trademark logo with unapproved borders or ornamentation.

Incorrect Logo 12


Any photography or images used in external advertising, publications, web sites etc. should be carried out by a professional photographer to a high standard.

Please avoid flash reflections in any screen displays. Direct front lighting should be avoided by using side lighting or natural daylight.

Location photography should be done in a clean, appropriate environment. Ensure there are NO competitors products, logos etc. on view.

If supplying photography to Kane we require 300 dpi minimum files in either cmyk or rgb format. The file should be saved as a jpeg (not over compressed) or eps file.

Careful consideration should always be made during the photography process regarding the use of the proper safety equipment.


Our preferred typeface is Helvetica used in Bold and Regular.

Helvetica Bold should be used for all headlines.

For body copy please use Helvetica Regular.

If Helvetica is unavailable, Arial is an acceptable substitute.


If you have any questions or require a digital logo or image file please contact the Kane International Marketing Department on: +44 (0) 1707 384823 or send an email to: [email protected].