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UK Manufacturing and Lean Thinking

We are a proud UK Manufacturer of Essential Instruments keeping us safe and warm in our homes, workplaces and transportation We design, engineer, service and make our products in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire and Atherton in Greater Manchester. Manufacturing is vital to the UK, adding over £192 billion annually to UK PLC, creating many millions of added value, including higher paying jobs. KANE is no exception.

Why Manufacture in the UK?

We believe being a UK manufacturer keeps us close to our customers, helping us understand their exact needs so we can learn and adapt our products.

In-House R&D & Engineering

KANE employs many talented design engineers, some with decades of experience working alongside newer colleagues with great talent and fresh ideas. Nurturing our next generation is key to our ground-breaking, innovative products keeping people safe around the world. We’re proud to design and make our Flue Gas Analysers & Exhaust Gas Analysers in the UK.

In-House Production

Our Atherton team make and test our surface mount PCBs for later assembly in our Flue Gas and Exhaust Gas Analysers in Welwyn Garden City. Keeping production in the UK means each KANE analyser comes with a 10 year guarantee, it also ensures that we meet our exact specification and exemplary standards of quality, which is vital for safety equipment.

Lean thinking

Lean thinking is a technique ensuring greater productivity and the highest standards of quality for less effort, time and stress. It ensures our customers receive exactly what they expect and eliminates activities that do not add value. It means we secure brilliant results from normal people, managing brilliant processes. Not average results from brilliant people, managing broken processes.

We started our Lean thinking journey five years ago and now have colleagues with extensive Lean thinking experience, including our Managing Director who has a Masters’ Degree in Lean Management.

Lean thinking has nearly halved the time taken to produce our most popular analysers without stress or job concerns and ensured they are made to the highest quality possible. Lean thinking not only applies to manufacturing – our continuous improvement culture has benefitted every part of KANE including Customer Service,

New Product Development, After Sales Service and IT. In short, Lean thinking makes life much easier for KANE and much better for our customers.

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