All instruments receive KANE CARE service &/or repair before UKAS calibration - We do not provide ‘As Received’ results.

UKAS Calibration Points

Depending on instrument specification:

  • CO – 400 ppm, 1000 ppm
  • CO2 – 9%, 15%
  • O2 – 5%, 20.9%
  • Gas calibration always include a "Zero" point
  • Pressure – 0/30/50/70 mbar rising & falling
  • Temperature – 0/50/100/500°C

( * Nominal values)

NOTE: KANE UKAS laboratory uncertainty budgets are ≤ to specification of instrument under test- we will contact you if instrument does not meet manufacturer specification.

Our UKAS certificates do not make compliance statements - All measurements within current schedule of accreditation are available @, lab 4448 or on request to [email protected].


If your instrument receives KANE CARE Service & Repair and is under 10 years old, it & supplied accessories receive a 12 month warranty.

If over 10 years old, repaired or replaced parts receive a 12 month warranty - if then returned with a different fault, this may not be covered under KANE CARE warranty.

Regardless, our KANE CARE warranty may be void if we believe it was caused by misuse or damage.

Record Keeping

We keep annual instrument calibration history records for at least five (5) years.

Estimated Time Schedule

We will give our expected time schedule in our KANE CARE UKAS calibration service quotation - NOTE: This is our best guess estimate, given each instrument is different.

We reserve the right to amend the schedule upon reasonable notice to you or end the service if we believe the instrument cannot be properly calibrated. If so, we will return it to you at our expense with no further obligation or responsibility.

Returning Instruments for no further use

If you request we accept an instrument for which you have no further use, we do this free of charge but reserve the right to charge for collection or delivery.

We also reserve the right to:

  • dispose or recycle the instrument i.a.w WEEE regulations by a registered company
  • use to help repair other instruments
  • use for our own benefit
  • sell it

If you do not agree, we will destroy the instrument at your expense for £20 if we receive notification.

Subcontract Calibration

We reserve the right to subcontract instruments for calibration to an approved supplier.

Software & Firmware Updates

We try to retain all customer data stored on the instrument but cannot accept liability for loss caused by required software updates or repairs.

Previous Terms & Conditions

In case of conflict between these Terms & Conditions and previous versions, these apply unless otherwise stated.


Payment is on demand or up to 30 days for account customers unless otherwise agreed.


VAT is charged at the prevailing rate at time of invoice.


These terms & conditions are subject to UK law.


To discuss our UKAS terms & conditions, email KANE at [email protected] or call 0800 059 0800 during normal working hours.

Kane International Ltd
1st November 2023