How do I pair my WPCP2 KANE LINK pipe clamp probes to my KANE LINK FGA?

Rotate your FGA dial to LINK and select LINK using UP / DOWN then ENTER keys

Select ADD using UP / DOWN & ENTER then select WPCP2 using UP / DOWN then ENTER

Enter a WPCP2 serial number using UP / DOWN then ENTER to enter 1 number at a time – ensure each serial number is exactly 10 digits

If serial number is more than 10 digits, only use last 10 digits – for example, enter serial number 321abc1234567890 as 1234567890

Please note you only do this once, even after replacing FGA batteries, until time to remove or replace your KANE LINK device

Open WPCP2 jaws to switch on & wait 10 secs – If paired, measurements appear on your FGA as WT1

To pair another WPCP2 probe, select BACK to return to LINK menu and repeat steps above - It appears on your FGA as WT2

Note: Using “traditional” wired temperature probes automatically overrides your WPCP2 probes – Simply unplug them to automatically reconnect your KANE LINK FGA to your WPCP2 probes

Closing a WPCP2 probe switches it off after a few minutes and your PRS / TEMP screen will display “traditional” wired temperature measurements

To reconnect your WPCP2 probe to your KANE LINK FGA, open probe jaw & wait 10 secs

Any questions, please call us on 08000590800