How do I transfer data from my KANE425 via Bluetooth to my PC?

Ensure the KANE425 has the Bluetooth option fitted. To do this; rotate the dial to MENU and press PUMP key once - if Bluetooth is fitted the next sub menu will be BLUE COM.

Register in our website,, to access the Member software download site.

From the Member software download site, download the KANE425 interface software to your computer.

Once the software is downloaded, install and run for the first time.

"Pair" your KANE425 with your computer by switching on your KANE425 and waiting for its Fresh Air Purge countdown to finish.

When the Fresh Air Purge is finished, turn your KANE425 rotary dial to MENU and press and hold PUMP key until BLUETOOTH COM appears on the KANE425 display.

When you see BLUETOOTH COM press SEND key, then press PUMP key to select YES on display, then press SEND key again to confirm.

Turn your KANE425 rotary dial to RATIO to take normal measurements.

On your computer Bluetooth menu, select FIND DEVICE and note the COM PORT used to receive date from your KANE425.