How does KANE's Fixed Price Repair work?

If you've broken or damaged your KANE analyser, use our Fixed Price Repair (FPR) to get it repaired in 2 working days with free overnight delivery to & from us

It costs £55 + vat once you've successfully registered your KANE, QMI & REGIN analyser or manometer at

Please don't use our Fixed Price Repair if your analyser's service & recertification is overdue or expires within 30 days as we'll automatically charge our normal Service & Recertification price.

Please also don't use our Fixed Price Repair for the following: KANE9xx & 9xxx series analysers; KANE analysers over 15 years old or beyond economic repair or can't be returned via

Here's how to organise your analyser's Fixed Price Repair - If on a smartphone, click 3 menu bars on top left screen before steps 2 & 3:

  1. Go to

  2. Sign in / register then click your email address on top of screen

  3. Click KANE Dashboard to find your FGA then click Manage to enter its home page

  4. Click Fixed Price Repair & follow instructions

Any questions, please call us on 08000590800