My FGA won’t display readings & I want to return it for repair

Please go through these 9 steps before returning your FGA:

  1. Is your FGA's see through watertrap correctly connected with a tight fit? If yes, go to step 2

  2. Is your water trap's drain plug tightly fitted / screwed in so there's no air leak into your FGA? If yes, go to step 3

  3. Does your FGA have batteries correctly fitted & charged? If yes, go to step 4

  4. Can you hear your FGA's internal pump running when you power on your FGA? If yes, go to step 5

  5. Is your FGA's pump working correctly? Check by placing your finger tip over the wtaer trap's flue gas inlet to block it - If you feel suction on your finger & hear the pump noise change, go to step 6

  6. Have you connected your flue gas probe's connector into your FGA's water trap socket, not pressure measurement sockets? If yes, go to step 7

  7. Is your FGA now in a measuring mode i.e. O2/EFF or CO/CO2? If yes, go to step 8

  8. Does the temperature displayed by your FGA change when you put your thumb & index finger on your flue gas probe's temperature sensor located in the probe's tip? If yes, go to step 9

  9. Does your FGA display typical flue gas measurements within 30 seconds after you put your flue gas probe into a working boiler's flue? If yes, your FGA is ready to go

Any questions? Call 0800 059 0800, reach out via DM or email [email protected]