My Printer won't print / I can't see my RATIO readings

Please take these 6 steps to see if there's a problem:

  1. What batteries are in your printer? If rechargeable, check they're fully charged. If Alkaline, replace with new batteries.

  2. Start a Printer self test - Turn off your printer, press paper advance key (triangle symbol) before turning on printer then release both buttons

  3. If your printer's paper roll doesn't move, its printer mechanism may be damaged

  4. If your printer's paper roll moves but no information is printed it's not correctly fitted - Open the compartment to refit correctly

  5. If your printer is printing but you can't see RATIO results, your printer's batteries need changing or recharging - see step 1 `

  6. Check your analyser's output is correctly set to your printer - Select MENU then SETUP then OUTPUT to choose your printer. If your analyser is selected to WIRELESS, it won't send data to your printer

Any questions? Call 0800 059 0800, reach out via DM or email [email protected]