What are the effects of Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon Monoxide is a very deadly gas, which has:


In short it can not be sensed by the human body........

But can KILL!

The early symptoms of CO poisoning can be as others associated with colds or other ailments. A headache is one of the first signs - this quickly increases to feeling tired, nauseous, dizzy and faint. So curl up in front of a fire emitting CO and you may feel tired, fall asleep and not wake up.

If such symptoms occur then we suggest the following:

  • Seek medical advice - Doctors are becoming more aware of CO symptoms.

  • Have your boiler/fire checked by a reputable heating engineer (ask to see their registration card). It is also preferable that they have an instrument that measures CO (It is however not a statutory requirement they carry one).

  • For increased security, fit a wall mounted alarm with a British Standard 'Kite' Mark.