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The UK’s Warm Homes Fund is one of the largest fuel poverty reduction programmes, recently investing over £150M on energy saving measures.

Their work was audited by the NEA, Energy Audit Committee & Newcastle University who confirmed:

  • Over 16,000 homes received high efficiency gas boilers & central heating systems

  • Average SAP ratings rose from 51 in Band E to 68, just 1 below Band C

  • The number of homes with typical annual energy costs over £2,000 fell by over 90%

  • A typical home’s annual energy running cost fell by half to £1,000

  • The average fuel poverty gap fell from £699 to £121, reducing the number of homes in fuel poverty by over 80%

  • This £150M “pump primer” fuelled an extra £200M of demand, saves the NHS over £2.5M a year and provides wider annual societal benefits of over £40M

  • Most importantly, thousands of UK families can now finally afford hot water & heating in their homes

New domestic gas boilers deliver highly efficient low carbon heating & hot water - they transform lives for a fraction of the cost of alternative technologies.

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