Boiler, Engine & A/C Refrigeration Analyser

Industrial boiler analyser as KANE988 with KDM (KANE Diagnostic Mode) for engine exhaust efficiency

Test any size boiler with high suction pump Check combustion efficiency, excess air & lambda MCERTS (pending) compatible with optional KANE-GCU gas conditioner

Test engine exhausts & catalytic converters in real world conditions Measure AFR & lambda to improve efficiency & fuel consumption Pre-compliance &roadside emissions tester- local laws may apply

Test air conditioning & refrigeration systems Calculate A/C Refrigeration superheat & subcool Optional KANE-DTHA2 measures in building & vehicle temp, airflow & RH

Unique NDIR technology designed to meet official test standards Measure CO2, HC & CO to 10% / 10,000pm Measure 02 & add up to 4 toxic gas sensors - NO, NO2, SO2 & H2S

Large colour graphic display & memory with easy to use keypad KANE LINK devices for temp, pressure, indoor air quality & CO Battery powered, rugged & fully portable

From £2,484.00 exc VAT


Install, commission & service any heating & hot water system using any fossil, biomass & HVO fuel

Control NOx pollution as standard - add optional sensors & KANE-GCU Gas Conditioner for accurate NO2 & SO2 measurements

Roadside or in vehicle test any engine for efficiency, safety & pollution control

Display real time AFR & lambda for performance & efficiency

Check DPF & catalytic converters

Check heat pump performance wirelessly with optional KANE-WPCP temperature clamp probes

Test air conditioning, refrigeration superheat/subcool wirelessly with optional KANE-WPCP & WPP1 temperature & pressure probes

Measure building IAQ & ventilation wirelessly with optional KANE79 CO monitor & KANE-DTHA2 anemometer

Backed by KANE CARE - We promise to never let you down or your money back


O2 to 21% ppm

CO to 10,000ppm H2 compensated & 100,000ppm / 10%

CO2 to 21% with 40% over range

HC to 5,000ppm

NO to 5,000ppm

Temperature - inlet / gas / differential / ambient / flow & return

High accuracy differential pressure meter +/- 160mbar for gas pressure & boiler draught tests

Wireless temperature tests - option with KANE LINK WPCP2 clamp probes

Wireless pressure tests - option with KANE-WPP1 pressure probes

NO2 to 1,000ppm - option with KANE-GCU Gas Conditioner

SO2 0-5,000ppm - option with KANE-GCU Gas Conditioner

H2S to 200ppm - option with KANE-GCU Gas Conditioner


CO/CO2 ratio

Combustion efficiency, excess air & lambda

Engine AFR & lambda 0.8 - 1.2


Superheat & subcool - requires KANE-WPCP & KANE-WPP1 options

Fuel Types

Natural Gas x2 & Town Gas

LPG, Biogas & Kinsale Gas

Butane, Propane & Gascor

Light oil & Heavy oil

Coke, Coal & Anthracite

Up to 5 user fuels

Box Contents

CHSP5 285mm 1250°C High Temp PTFE lined smoke & combustion probe with removeable shaft & 4M neoprene hose

EP2 300mm insertion depth stainless steel exhaust probe with 6M neoprene hose & inline 177702 70 micron particle filter

HARHOSE pressure tubing x 2

CU12VDC2A21 Battery charger 100-240 Volts

MSC00117 carry case pouch

20106 Rucksack / Backpack

Service Price

£325 £325 £325 £325 £440

Calibration or Conformity Certificates included, as appropriate

All prices are in £ sterling and are exclusive of VAT.


KANE988 Manual

KANE988 Manual

KANE988 Manual

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