CO Incident Investigation Analyser


CO Incident Investigation Analyser

  • Perform incident investigations with one analyser
  • Test tightness, let by & gas pressures to 2psi or 160mbar
  • Test appliance CO emissions up to 100,000pm or 10%
  • Measure O2 & CO2 flue gas emissions without reference to fuel
  • LINK multiple KANE-COL CO monitors to combine ambient air tests
  • LINK KANE-DTHA2 for real time indoor air measurements
  • Set, see & save timed tests
  • Perform BS7967 2 minute Appliance Sweep test
  • Send results to KANE LIVE app or optional printer
  • UKAS Calibration Certificate as standard


  • Long life, fast response CO, CO2 & O2 sensors with over range protection
  • KANE LINK combines KANE-IIA measurements with optional KANE devices
  • Easy to set up, see, save & send tests
  • Large colour screen displays all KANE LINK devices
  • See, save & send tests to KANE LIVE app or optional KANE-IRP3 printer
  • Rugged, battery powered go anywhere analyser
  • UKAS calibration certificate supplied as standard
  • 10 year warranty when serviced & recertified by KANE
  • Backed by KANE CARE - our promise to never let you down or your money back
£1,498.00 exc VAT


  • CO incident investigation tests
  • CMDDA 5, 15 & 30 minute appliance & room CO tests
  • BS7967 2 minute appliance sweep tests
  • Multiple room tests with up to 4 KANE-COL CO monitors linked to one analyser
  • Simultaneous appliance & 4 room CO test
  • Home & work air movement with optional KANE-DTHA2 anemometer


  • Differential pressure to 2psi, -160 to +160mBar
  • CO to 10,000ppm with over range protection
  • CO2 & O2 to 20.9%
  • Differential Temperature -20 to +1350ºC
  • Combined appliance & room CO tests with up to 4 optional KANE-COL CO monitors
  • Indoor air movement with optional KANE-DTHA2 anemometer

Box Contents


  • KANE-IIA KIT includes 4 x KANE-COL CO monitors with UKAS certificates & 4 x CPS1 probe stands

KANE-IIA sensor & LINK options

  • NO 0-5,000ppm
  • KANE-DTHA2 wireless anemometer
  • KANE-COL wireless room CO monitor
  • KANE-WPCP2 wireless temp clamp probe x 2
  • KANE-WPP2 wireless pressure probes x 2