Flue Gas Analyser

Domestic, commercial & IAQ analyser with KANE LINK

As KANE358 plus:

  • Test appliances up to 120KW with NOx option
  • Hydrophobic filter stops water damage
  • Test flueless gas appliances & indoor air qualitywith ambient CO2 sensor option
  • BS7967 2 minute automatic sweep test
  • CMDDA 15 & 30 minute room CO tests plus optional wireless simultaneous 4 room tests with KANE79
  • Commercial kitchen CP42 appliance test certificates - use for CIS23 & BS8494
  • Measure differential flow & return temperatures wirelessly with optional WPCP2 clamp probes
  • Measure differential pressure with structured let by & tightness test
  • Also suitable for CMDDA1 or IGEM/GL/8 investigation, CCCN1 & COMCAT, COCN1 & CIGA1 or CGDA1, CORT1, CGFE1, CCP1 or I-GAS when fitted with ambient CO2 & NOx as required


Structured tests as KANE358 plus:

  • Room migration tests for CO - CO2 with optional ambient CO2 sensor
  • Appliance sweep test for CO - CO2 with optional ambient CO2 sensor
  • Tests Type C sealed appliances, Type B boiler open flue & Type A cooker, space & water heaters
  • Data hold, log & print reports with user details to optional KANE-IRP3 printer
  • Wireless transfer to KANE LIVE or 3rd party apps
  • 10 year warranty when serviced & recertified by KANE
  • Backed by KANE CARE - We promise to never let you down or your money back
From £739.00 exc VAT


  • Install & service appliances up to 120KW
    • additional sensors to suit applications
  • Safety checks – Appliance sweep & room migration tests
  • Flueless appliance tests
  • Combustion performance & efficiency tests
  • Flue Draught
  • Tightness & let by tests


  • CO2 0-20%
  • CO2 0-9,999ppm (option)
  • CO 0-2,000ppm or 10,000ppm H2 compensation (option)
  • NO 0-600ppm (option)
  • O2 0-21% when fitted
  • Differential temp -20 - +1350°C - with suitable probes
  • Differential pressure -80 - +80mBar
  • Air flow 1.1 – 20m/s with optional KANE-DTHA2
  • Temperature -20 - +50°C with optional KANE-DTHA2
  • RH 0.1 – 99% with optional LINK KANE-DTHA2
  • Room CO 0-999ppm with optional KANE79 CO monitor - connect up to 4


  • O2/ CO2
  • CO / CO 2 ratio
  • Excess air
  • Combustion efficiency
  • NOx (option)

Fuel Types

  • Natural Gas
  • LPG
  • Wood Pellets
  • Butane
  • Light oil
  • Propane

Box Contents

  • Analyser
  • Probe
  • Pressure connectors
  • USB charger
  • Quick reference guide & analyser calibration certificate


Change Water Trap Filter KANE458s

Connecting KANE458s To Mobile KANE Wireless Printer App

Connect KANE458s To KANE IRP-2 Printer

Deleting Stored Combustion Reports KANE458s

Differential Temperature Measurement KANE458s

Flue Gas Analysis KANE458s

Flue Integrity Test KANE458s

How To Charge KANE458s/KANE258 Flue Gas Analyser

Retrieve Stored Combustion Report KANE458s

Tightness test KANE458s

Service Price

YEAR 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3 YEAR 4 YEAR 5 UKAS Certification
£140 £140 £140 £140 £210 £205

Calibration or Conformity Certificates included, as appropriate

All prices are in £ sterling and are exclusive of VAT.



KANE Wireless Printer (Android app)


Gas Checker


KANE Live (Apple app)


KANE Live (Android app)


KANE 458s Manual (LINK)

KANE 458s Manual (LINK)

KANE 458s Manual (LINK)

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KANE 458s Manual

KANE 458s Manual

KANE 458s Manual

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