This software is only available to download on the Windows platform

The recently updated new KANE LIVE software is a great way to connect supported units to a PC via wireless connection.

The software automatically configures the screen depending on the Kane product selected allowing the user to view readings in “real time” on their PC

All data is viewed either digitally or in graph form so you can easily track parameters over time as they change. If required the live data can be saved and stored on your PC as a .CSV file which is the standard file for importing/exporting data.

Depending on the supported unit other features could include:

  • Printing
  • Update user details
  • Toggle pump on/off
  • Save and download data
  • Customised graphing

Setup Instructions

After clicking download, if asked, save the Setup.exe file and once the download is complete, run it to begin the installation process.

Microsoft .Net 4 Framework will need to be installed on your computer. If this is not already present this program will tell you and then download and install this before it installs the KANE LIVE software.

If using the Bluetooth connection it may be necessary to “pair” your devices using the Bluetooth application in Windows. This should be done prior to launching software as this will allocate the correct “COM” port.

You may need to pair the device in “Bluetooth Devices” and if a pairing code is requested try the default code:1111