KANE partners with the UK's No.1 Gas Engineer software package to bring you this exclusive offer.

From March 1st 2020 every KANE458 purchase qualifies for a year's access to Gas Checker Pro for £1, saving £84.50!

Benefits Include

  • Generate gas reports automatically, this includes KANE458 test results if fitted with wireless v4.0 module

  • Save logs to a mobile device and email

  • Generate annual reminders to guarantee next year’s business

  • Create invoices automatically linked to Xero account software

  • Get paid instantly using iZettle chip & pin

  • Create a customer database & much more

Activating your Gas Checker Pro subscription is simple:

  • Register then login at

  • Select Pro Annual

  • In the voucher box enter your KANE458 serial number

  • Complete checkout for £1 by entering bank details

  • The Gas Checker Pro package will now be active for 1 year

If any issues, call Gas Checker on 01524 489912 or email [email protected]

How do I redeem this offer?


Go to to register for an account or log in if an existing customer.

Log in and click on Pricing on top right of screen

Scroll down to click on annual PRO pricing.

Enter your KANE458's serial number in Voucher Code box - If eligible, you'll be taken to a payment screen to create a direct debit for £1 for your 1st year.

How do I connect my KANE458?

Follow these simple steps to connect your KANE458 FGA to your Gas Checker app:

  1. Check you have a KANE458 FGA as Gas Checker only works with this analyser - If you don't have one, contact KANE to discuss your options

  2. Check your KANE458 FGA's wireless processor - Press & hold ON/OFF button for 5 seconds to see if its display shows 4.0. If a different number appears, contact KANE to discuss your options

  3. Switch on your KANE458 FGA wireless mode - From MENU, select SETTINGS, OUTPUT & WIRELESS

  4. Place your KANE458 FGA within 5 metres / 15 feet of your smartphone or tablet

  5. Ensure you have the latest version of Gas Checker via IOS or Google Playstore and open the app

  6. Accept all Gas Checker requested permissions and ensure wireless is enabled on your phone or tablet

Wirelessly transfer a test result from your KANE458

  1. Switch on your wireless v4.0 enabled KANE458

  2. Log in to Gas Checker app and locate KANE import from the top right menu

  3. Press scan – the app should find your KANE458 and display the serial number

  4. Press connect and wait confirmation message ‘connected’

  5. In your KANE458 go to REPORTS and select log type

  6. Press PRINT

  7. A 5 second import with status wheel will be shown

  8. Log gets inserted into the app and can be viewed by selecting FOLDER & log type eg COMBUSTION

  9. Find your test results in Gas Checker by selecting FOLDER & then Log type from the top right menu bar - Logs are stored by category and PDF’s can be viewed and emailed


Q: What happens if I buy a new KANE analyser?

A: Nothing - All test reports are automatically stored in the Gas Checker app log folder unless you manually delete them

Q: What happens if I lose my mobile device or it gets broken or stolen?

A: Nothing - All test reports are automatically backed up by Gas Checker - Select Restore in the Gas Checker app to return your old test reports

Q: How much does GasChecker cost?

A: New KANE458 customers pay £1 to use GasChecker Pro for 1 year then £85.50 + VAT a year

Q: What do I need to use GasChecker with my KANE458?

A: Read our initial checks to check your KANE458 has the latest wireless device and the GasChecker app is up to date.

Q: What if I have a problem?

A: GasChecker’s dedicated office hours phone and email support will fix almost any issue while you wait

If any issues, call Gas Checker on 01524 489912 or email [email protected]