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Gasway are East Anglia’s largest social housing contractor, ably managed by Mitchell Perry, KANE’s central England RSM.

They have over 150 installers & service engineers and growing, thanks to their great customer service and apprentice programme, training yearly, a dozen well paid new apprentices.

Gasway mostly use KANE analysers because they’re easy to use, come with 10 years warranty, guaranteed same day service and because Gasway manage their KANE analysers using KAM – Our free to use KANE Asset Manager online service.

We are delighted that Gasway will be the first company to use a modified KANE analyser built to their exact needs – to assist them performing landlord safety checks.

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We welcomed Gasway’s Quality and Compliance Officer, Hristo Tsutsumanov and Peter Spurgeon, their Technical Trainer to KANE House this week. They commented how organised & productive our factory was, how focused on continuous improvement KANE colleagues are and how responsive we are to our customer’s needs.

They also highly value KANE CARE – our award winning 5 star guaranteed same day service or your money back - and KANE LINK future proofing today’s KANE analysers for tomorrow’s testing demands.

It’s humbling to receive Gasway’s praise and we look forward to working with them for more years to come.

If you’re not yet using the UK’s best analyser & after sales support, call us on 0800 059 0800 any weekday between 7am & 5pm.

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