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Our KANE Engine Analyser Partner ANSED works closely with ‘Garage Gurus’, an industry-leading training & support platform for American auto mechanics & techs.

‘Garage Gurus’ do training - 11 training centres, 35 mobile Tech centres, educational videos & online courses.

See their helpful ‘how to’ videos here:

We are delighted Garage Gurus’s latest video highlights the previous version of our KANE-EGA5 5
gas analyser.

They expertly explain why you need this in your workshop, quickly identifying problems you won’t see on a scantool, saving costly repairs.

Watch our video here.

Our KANE-EGA5 instantly tests engine emissions, exhausts & catalytic converters in minutes without opening the bonnet (aka hood). Its portability, accuracy, response time & self contained batteries make it ideal for workshops and on road, real world driving conditions.

Our latest KANE-EGA5 also comes with KANE LINK

This means you can simultaneously see vehicle A/C superheat & subcool and passenger compartment temperature, humidity & airflow – an industry first!

KANE analysers are backed by KANE CARE - our promise to never you let you down or your money back.


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