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We are very pleased that the KANE78 iD Safe™ Personal CO Alarm & ID Holder has been shortlisted for Product of the Year at the ASCP Safety & Compliance Awards.

The Awards recognise the achievements of the inspirational individuals and organisations working within social housing and facilities management sectors.

Held on the evening of 23rd September 2021 at Telford International Centre, the ASCP Safety & Compliance Awards have become a highlight in the industry calendar.

The product of the year award seeks to recognise an organisation that has gone the extra mile to learn and develop a solution for social housing, or who has created a unique and innovative product or service for the sector.


KANE78 iD Safe™ Personal CO Alarm & ID Holder – designed with your safety in mind

We have over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing test equipment that helps engineers do their job and keep them safe whilst doing so.

Carbon monoxide is something we think about a lot – it is an everyday hazard for the users of our products – so we measure it, we sense it, and we monitor it.

We first discussed the idea of combining a personal CO alarm with something an engineer either uses or wears every day was first discussed at the 2014 AGSM conference.

Talking to AGSM members about the daily needs of their engineers, it was noted that upon arrival at a property they always show some form of identification. Firstly, to reassure the customer that they are who they say they are, and secondly, if the identification is their Gas Safe card, to prove the person entering and undertaking work in the property is qualified to do so.

We thought about what this should look like, shirt clip, belt clip, lanyard, etc. and how we could adapt this to include a personal CO alarm. Our challenge was to design something that was unobtrusive for the wearer, something that would be easily interpreted, and something that would give the user confidence in their work environment.

Personal CO alarms should be worn close to “breathable height” so combining this with an ID badge on a lanyard, achieves the correct position.

Lighter, stronger, louder

Evaluation of any new product is essential to its success. We showed version one of the KANE78 iD SafeTM in 2018 and we listened to the feedback. We stuck with our concept but made it lighter, stronger, louder.

After successful trials we are very pleased to be showcasing the new KANE78 iD Safe™️ Personal CO Alarm & ID Holder at this year’s conference.

If you would like a demo of it, please contact us or come and visit our stand. You can book your ticket here:!mE

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