You all probably know, at KANE, we design, engineer, manufacture and sell electronic testing equipment. But did you know that most of this happens in the UK? And that we have 86 staff here that work tirelessly at our two UK sites in Welwyn Garden City and Atherton, Manchester?

Each month we are going to show you a sneak peek behind the scenes and highlight our brilliant staff.

This month we have caught up with Jackie Stamp. She has recently joined us as our SHEQ (safety, health environment, and quality assurance) Manager at KANE House in Welwyn Garden City.

Jackie Stamp - profile photo

Jackie is the latest member of #teamkane. She joins with a wealth of experience behind her – having worked in a variety of industries around the world, including banking, food manufacturing, printing and healthcare products. Jackie has been a QHSE manager since 2004 and is a lead auditor in ISO9001 and ISO45001.

What made you join KANE?

I had successfully improved a business with health and safety issues through several major audits and now was seeking a new challenge. I used to work around the corner in Little Mundells in Welwyn and it felt like I was coming home. KANE appears an interesting business where I hope to be a part of ongoing improvements.

What skills do you bring to the role?

I am a lead auditor in two of the three disciplines ISO9001 and ISO45001 and always seek to pass audits with a 100% non-conformance record. I hope to complete the lead auditor for ISO14001 next year. Most of all, I bring considerable knowledge and experience from similar businesses, where I hope to apply the most successful parts within KANE. I particularly promote a “right first time, unquestionably reliable” attitude.

What motivates you to work hard?

I have always tried to excel in all that I do and gain satisfaction from a job well done. I specifically enjoy helping others do the same and appreciate the power of a team. I am human and know through the day I will find something that I could have done better. But I never know when or what it will be so always try to improve and know others will do the same. I am a great fan of Disney, the films are good but Walt stood for values and quality that hold strong in all businesses to this day.

What makes you laugh the most?

Michael McIntyre and the man drawer sketch as this IS the males in our family. I also crack-up with some of the antics and sayings of our youngest family members.

What song would you sing at Karaoke?

I would never made people suffer in that way. Haha!

What really makes you angry?

ABBA songs as they embarrass our kids (have been known to sing, standing on a coffee table, at full volume).

When I’m not working you will usually find me…

On the ice-skating rink in the vain hope of standing up whilst my 9year old granddaughter spins and jumps about me. I know I will never do a squat sit spin but I also know my granddaughter loves her nan trying. Other activities include dog (two Hovawarts), walking combing and cleaning the mud off the floor. I also help my husband develop his children’s tractor business where youngsters can enjoy a fully working miniature JCB-type digger.

My favourite crisps are…?

Chocolate covered ones, yet to be invented!

Not many people know that I…

I originally came from the banking/financial industry having worked in this sector for over 10 years. I explained to my husband that I wished to do more, so he said “resign”. The following day I explained I had followed his advice to which he then exclaimed “….but the mortgage!!” I left banking with little general business qualifications and zero computer literacy. Over the years I studied as a mature student and was presented with the Sir Ian Dixon award for outstanding effort.