New Essential Instruments


May sees us spring into action launching four new innovative products. All of which are built around safety, in particular, the safety of our customers.


Customer safety is paramount to us here at KANE and that ethos was at the forefront of our mind when we decided to bring these new products to market.


KANE78 iD Safe™️ Personal CO Alarm & ID Holder

The KANE78 was designed and manufactured with the plumber & heating engineer in mind. It is a compact design that couples as a personal CO alarm and ID holder making it ideal for personal safety and compliance with customers, with your Gas Safe ID card being on show.



The KANE78 has both visual and audible alarms that trigger when you are in a dangerous environment where the CO is above 20ppm – and has a life span of two years, so you needn’t worry about replacing batteries.

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KANE-VCT KIT – Voltage and continuity tester with 690 volt proving unit

The KANE Voltage & Continuity Tester is the benchmark for voltage indicators, offering LED & digital voltage indication of voltages between 12-690V AC/DC. It is designed with critical safety features such as Single Pole Detection & is compliant to BS 61243-3:2014 GS38.

The three-in-one tester has a rugged, ergonomically formed shell for perfect handling and offers single pole detection – it is also fully operational even when the batteries are discharged.


KANE-PU690V Proving unit

The KANE-PU690V proving unit is a 690V AC compact & lightweight voltage proving unit designed for compliance safety checking of voltage testers prior to testing on a live circuit.

The proving unit features high & low Z impedance, making it compatible for proving voltage on multimeters.

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KANE-CO2 – Indoor Air Quality Carbon Dioxide Monitor

With modern day science, we now understand more about the importance of air quality to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The KANE-CO2 highlights Carbon Dioxide levels along with temperature and humidity – making it great for business environments – such as offices, factories, cafes, kitchens, schools, gyms and many more.

THE KANE-CO2 is a great product to be able to offer your customers, allowing them to easily monitor indoor air quality – and highlight it to their workforce or even their own customers.

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