PHEX Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

PHEX Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Harry Kane isn’t the only Kane to have graced the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium – we brought along a team to PHEX that would give the current Spurs 11 a game. What a fantastic location for an exhibition!

Spurs Stadium

We were joined by two new signings, Regional Sales Executive Brad and Marketing Executive Scott – as well as exhibition veterans Michele, Martin and Jan. There was even a substitute appearance by production supervisor and Spurs fan, Dave Nutt.

It was great to speak, face-to-face, to current Kane customers – getting their thoughts on our products and for us to be able to show them the benefits that they might not know about. Benefits such as our new free post service when returning your analyser to Kane online for its annual recertification. We also enjoyed meeting potential customers, finding out what it is they are looking for when purchasing a new analyser.

As ever, PHEX put on an industry leading show with great presentations that were beneficial to both exhibitors and attendees. We’ll see you at Old Trafford in October.