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CO is a silent killer, caused by poorly installed or serviced heating systems.

The UK is the most advanced recognising this problem, only allowing certified engineers to install and service heating & hot water systems and requiring certified analysers be used to confirm appliance safety.

By contrast, until this year, anyone in the Netherlands could be a heating engineer without training or certification.

That’s finally over, thanks to a recent Dutch Safety Board report on CO deaths & injuries - only certified engineers can perform work, using certified analysers to test their work.

It’s odd how customers across Europe buy the same appliances for heat & hot water yet each country decides how they are installed, serviced & tested.

It makes us even more determined to ensure KANE certified analysers are essential instruments - too many people don’t understand how devastating CO poisoning incidents are, judging them unfortunate accidents instead of preventable incidents.

By comparison, every airplane accident or near miss is thoroughly investigated with outcomes immediately relayed worldwide.

CO is no accident - It’s time to stop CO.

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