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At the start of Carbon Monoxide Awareness week are you #carbonmonoxideaware?

The Problem:

  • EN50291 CO alarms don’t alarm below 30ppm to avoid false alarms

  • World Health Organisation limits our exposure to CO to under 4ppm every 24 hrs

  • Badly installed or serviced appliances, poor ventilation or outdoor air cause CO

  • Engineers don’t always find source of CO during visits

The Solution:

KANE79 SEE SAVE SEND Personal Safety Monitor & Logger – our 2 in 1 solution

Our KANE79 monitors CO to 999ppm, alarming above 10ppm & 20ppm.

KANE LINK simultaneously connects up to 4 KANE79 to a KANE LINK analyser, reducing CMDDA1 & incident investigation test times by 75%

You can simultaneously SEE CO results in different rooms and from an appliance, SAVE then SEND results to your KANE LIVE app, analyser dependant.

If no ambient CO found but concerns remain, leave behind your KANE79 to log ambient levels for up to 2 weeks.

When time, your KANE79 will SEND logged results to KANE LIVE for analysis & action.

CO is hard to find, depending on circumstances such as outdoor pollution, adjacent properties, how recently & properly appliances were installed & serviced.

It’s aIso affected by how occupants heat, wash & eat in their homes.

KANE79 is the simple way to test homes, workplaces & vehicles for CO, save then send results.

It stores up to 20,000 tests, equivalent to testing every minute for 10 days - CO above 10ppm triggers a visual alert, audibly alerting over 20ppm.

Set up is simple – use our KANE LIVE app to set log intervals & see stored tests.

Time to stop CO

Any questions, call 0800 059 0800, email [email protected] or visit

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