Today Government confirmed you can perform all non essential repairs, except in self isolating or shielding homes, if you follow previously published social distancing guidance.

"Can tradespeople start to undertake non-essential work in England, such as routine boiler servicing?

Yes, with the exception of households which are isolating or shielding, non-essential work can be carried out where it can be undertaken safely. Tradespeople should follow the guidance for working in people’s home, available here, including undertaking a risk assessment and making every reasonable effort to comply with the social distancing guidelines. No work should be carried out in a household which is isolating because one or more family members has symptoms or where an individual has been advised to shield - unless it is to remedy a direct risk to the safety of the household."

This confirms previously published messages from industry associations such as HHIC that it’s ok to work provided you follow Government advice.

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