Essential Instruments with Outstanding Service

Handheld analysers designed & made in UK.

KANE analysers test engines in road & non road applications - commercial & personal vehicles & motorbikes, off road applications including marine engines, compressors & generators for emissions safety, engine performance & efficiency.

Test engines using light oil / diesel, petrol or gases & user fuels.

Test vehicle IAQ safety, CO & engine leaks, system pressure & temperatures.

Measure O2, CO, CO2 & HC with NO, NO2, SO2 & H2S options, calculating lambda, excess air & engine efficiency, excess air & NOx

See, save & send results to KANE LIVE app for android / IOS or optional KANE infrared printer.

Features include unique rotary dial & large display for easy operation, automatic tests for diesel engine smoke emissions, in vehicle or commercial building CO migration & leaks, long life rechargeable batteries & filters, protective rubber sleeves and choice of probes for different engine exhausts.

KANE LINK is our wireless measurement & future proof promise - wirelessly test flow & return temperatures, in vehicle or commercial building ventilation IAQ, airflow & humidity with simultaneous air conditioning & rerigeration superheat & subcool calculation.

KANE analysers have KANE CARE - our promise to never let you down or your money back.

KANE CARE includes our 10 year warranty, same day service & recertification guaranteed, free overnight next day tracked delivery both ways and 50% off a new analyser if yours is stolen.

KANE CARE also guarantees all inclusive prices for 20 years - the price you see is the price you pay.