Indoor CO2 and Temperature Monitor

Low cost CO2 monitoring.

The KANE-ALERT-CO2 provides a low cost method of assessing CO2 levels and the efficiency of ventilation in offices, public buildings, commercial kitchens and other locations where indoor air quality is important. High levels of CO2 can cause, drowsiness, headaches or even long term damage. Examples of recommended CO2 limits include...

Building Bulletin 101 states that the average CO2 concentration in classrooms during teaching should not exceed 1,500ppm.

British Standards BS6896, BS6230 and BS5990 which cover various gas fired heaters state that CO2 concentrations should not exceed 2,800ppm where people are working.

Other applications for the instrument include monitoring growing conditions in glasshouses and to warn of leaks when CO2 is stored in pressurised containers in an enclosed area.

Product Features

  • Long life NDIR sensor measures carbon dioxide (CO2) up to 3,000 parts per million (ppm)
  • Measures temperature over the range 0 to 50°C
    • Max/Min mode
    • Alarm mode
    • Logs up to 48 readings at 30 minute interval
  • Calculates and displays ventilation rates
  • Battery life typically 80 hours 4 x AA
  • Supplied with mains adapter
  • Fitted with tilt stand for ease of use