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We proudly say goodbye to our KANE AUTO analysers first launched 20+ years ago and welcome our new KANE-EGA engine analysers.

Ours were the first truly self powered, handheld analysers meeting OIML class 1 - customers no longer needed big box, mains powered expensive systems to quickly test engine emissions and perform diagnostic checks.

Our analysers are used worldwide by engine manufacturers, service engineers & law enforcement personnel.

Our new KANE-EGA range use the latest technology to perform emissions measurements so customers can quickly see, save & send results and - a World 1st - test vehicle air conditioning & refrigeration systems and in cab ventilation & quality.

Customers testing AC & refrigeration systems no longer need a manifold or hoses and can ensure safe in cab air quality, free from CO.

Our KANE-EGA analysers have KANE CARE & KANE LINK - our hassle free & future proof promises.

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