In March 2022 IGEM published G/11 supplement 1 titled “Responding to domestic CO alarm activations / reports of fumes…”

This shows competent registered gas engineers what to do when a CO alarm activates or discover a report of fumes.

It assumes the engineer has a calibrated Flue Gas Analyser (FGA) approved to EN50379. All KANE FGAs are approved to EN50379 and are suitable for this situation.

The flow chart in section 5 on p.8 explains what to do in each circumstance and when to use an engineer with CMDDA1, also explained in table 1 in section 4 on p.6.

IGEM CO Activations

For example, a CMDDA1 engineer should be used when:

  • The engineer without CMDDA1 cannot find the cause of a CO alarm activation or source of fumes

  • The engineer without CMDDA1 believes the gas appliances are operating satisfactorily

  • The responsible person / gas user reports a previous occurrence of a CO alarm activation or fumes report within the last 3 months

This guide helps engineers without CMDDA1 play a vital role establishing if there is a genuine problem with CO in a domestic property.

Given how dangerous CO is – it can kill within 3 minutes – this guidance is a significant step forward in the fight against CO poisoning.

This IGEM guidance is available now from IGEM or via this link:
IGEM- G11 Supplement 1.pdf (1.1 MB)

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Our KANE78 ‘always on’ personal CO protector also holds your Gas Safe Registered ID card so you are always protected from accidental CO poisoning.

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Our KANE79 ambient monitor also protects you from accidental CO poisoning and wirelessly links to your KANE LINK FGA.

You can perform ambient CO tests inside a property while you stay safely outside.

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