Testing, testing…1, 2, 3…

Not one, not two, but three great new analysers from Kane, that all combine direct CO2 and CO measurement with an easy to use rotary dial.

First is the KANE255, based on the innovative KANE250, perfect for testing domestic gas and light oil appliances. With three kit options there is sure to be a kit to meet your needs.

Next is the KANE251 with all the great features and benefits of the KANE255 but utilising a higher range CO sensor (0-10000ppm) and optional NO sensor making it ideal for domestic gas, light oil and biomass fired appliances. Available in six KANE25I kit options to choose from.

Last but not least, is the KANE451plus offering all the advantages of the market leading KANE455 but with a high range, Hydrogen compensated CO sensor measuring up to 10,000ppm with protection to 20,000ppm and optional NO sensor making it ideal for domestic and commercial appliances burning gas, oil, biomass or wood. For a nominal cost there is also a wireless factory upgrade available.

Once upgraded, the KANE451plus is able to transfer analyser readings to your PC or Android™ phone using the “KANE LIVE” software or “Printer App for Android™”.

All three analysers have the ability to print to the optional infrared printer and with our fixed price annual recertification & servicing, you can effectively extend the warranty for up to 6 years.

For more details on these or any of our other Kane products please call our Sales Office on 01707 384810.