Upgraded Service System – more KANE testing equipment can be booked in online for service and recertification

We’re always trying to improve your experience of KANE, especially our after sales service.

For years, KANE customers have used kane.co.uk to return some of their analysers for recertification & service because only KANE offers free next day tracked delivery both ways, secure prepayment online & another 1 year warranty every time.

We know how happy this makes them because they tell us - See our trustpilot reviews here:https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/kane.co.uk

We’ve now added almost all our products so you can use kane.co.uk to return your KANE458 & KANE77 or your KANE 250 & KANE3500 at the same time.

Here’s our current list of KANE analysers & test equipment bookable online for prepaid recertification: https://www.kane.co.uk/can-recertify-online

Using kane.co.uk for recertification online doesn’t only save you time - There are also other benefits:

Service - Calibrate - Recertify

You can count the reasons on one hand!

Hand open

1) Our fixed prices include free, tracked, next day delivery both ways - You always know your full cost of ownership before you buy

2) We’ll return your analyser to original manufacturer’s specification - Its accuracy is as good as the day it was made

3) Your KANE analyser is returned fully serviced with a calibration certificate traceable to national standards

4) You receive another year’s warranty for up to 10 years after purchase

5) Our Northern & Southern Service Centres provide the fastest turnaround of any Flue Gas Analyser supplier

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