KANE Live - (FGA remote) allows you to view live readings from your KANE Flue Gas Analyser in ‘real time’. You can then share data as a CSV file via email, messaging services, cloud etc

Key Features

  • A simple connection process will search for your analyser
  • Automatically configures the screen according to the analyser selected
  • Provides KANE Flue Gas Analyser pump & purge control
  • The screen view can be adjusted by pinch-zoom & tap-drag
  • Set up your user profile and any data shared will include this information
  • Links to our website and Social Media will enable you to share your experiences

We now have added the following features:

  • PDF reporting capability - Providing you the certificates that you fill out every day as they become available
  • French Market Certificates - easily create complete signed Attestation d'Entretien certificates
  • Live Data Stats - see live stats such as min/max/average values
  • Feature Guides - quick overview of how certain features work
  • Easier Device Shortcuts - now also create shortcuts whilst connected to an analyser, as well as previously used
  • Update/Sync Date & Time - easily update/sync your analyser each time you connect