KANE Opening Hours

We’re open longer & on Saturday for the best possible customer service or your money back.

Game Changers - 60 years of innovation - part 2

Our KANE460 with KANE LINK is the world’s only boiler, heat pump, air conditioning & refrigeration analyser - commission, service & test heating, cooling & refrigeration systems with real time safety & efficiency calculations.

Time to stop CO - part 2

CO comes from heating systems, cookers, fires, wood burning stoves, BBQs, nearby road traffic, generators and diesel or petrol engines - It can’t be seen, smelt or tasted and is often called the Silent Killer.

Decarbonise off gas grid homes with HVO - tell your MP

Over 1.7 million homes use oil for heating but the UK plans to ban new oil boilers from 2026.

Goodbye & Hello - KANE AUTO & Engine Analysers

We proudly say goodbye to our KANE AUTO analysers first launched 20+ years ago and welcome our new KANE-EGA engine analysers.

Game Changers - 60 years of Innovation

Our new KANE458s IAQ & KANE460 analysers celebrate 60 years of innovation, backed by KANE CARE - Our Queen’s Award winning promise to never let you down or your money back.

Learn to install heat pumps for free

UK Government is helping over 5,000 heating engineers install heat pumps, offering “First come, first served” £500 training discounts at eligible centres - training typically takes 2-3 days.

Domestic Gas Boilers save money & change lives

The UK’s Warm Homes Fund is one of the largest fuel poverty reduction programmes, recently investing over £150M on energy saving measures.

Outstanding Contribution to Business Award Winner

KANE was announced winner by Briege Leahy, HCC Chief Executive, who said:

KANE Engine Analysers in the USA

Our KANE Engine Analyser Partner ANSED works closely with ‘Garage Gurus’, an industry-leading training & support platform for American auto mechanics & techs.

KANE988 - Test any system any time

Our KANE988 analyser does it all, backed by KANE CARE - Our award winning customer service promise or your money back.


CO is a silent killer, caused by poorly installed or serviced heating systems.

The King's Coronation

We join many customers celebrating The King's Coronation on Saturday 6 May in central London and will be closed on Monday 8th May.

KANE supports ‘Putting the Heart into Hertfordshire’ Campaign

KANE is delighted to celebrate 60 years in Hertfordshire by being the first to support Hertfordshire Community Foundation (HCF) & Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Putting the Heart in Hertfordshire’ campaign.

KANE sponsors IGEM Gas Utilisation Conference, 18th April

IGEM Gas Utilisation Conference on Tuesday 18th April is sponsored by KANE celebrating 60 years of UK design & manufacture.

KANE - Working with tomorrow’s talent today

Our customers know KANE analysers are essential instruments

KANE Long Service - 135 years & more

Every year we celebrate colleagues achieving 5, 10, 15 & more years with KANE.

KANE & BRIGON team growing worldwide sales

Our international team met to review global sales at the new home of BRIGON / KANE DE, our sister company based near Frankfurt.

KANE supports National Apprenticeship Week

We really enjoyed showing KANE to Maddy Young, a Sanctuary Housing apprentice based in Welwyn Garden City.

KANE & CO-Gas Safety - IGEM 2023 Lion’s Lair winners

Jonathan Kane, our CEO, won the IGEM 2023 Lions Lair competition held in London.

KANE UK & USA - 2 companies, 1 family

KANE USA’s Isabel Kane visited us in Welwyn Garden City & Atherton, Greater Manchester.

LEAN, LINK & KANE79 come to KANE Atherton

KANE started 60 years ago developing test equipment for customers worldwide from its Welwyn Garden City home.

KANE X KOREA - new opportunities for KANE in South Korea.

We welcomed Running Spares Korea (RS Korea) colleagues to KANE as they start selling KANE analysers in South Korea with award winning KANE CARE after sales service

Christmas x KANE - Win our new KANE458s IAQ CPA1 kit

KANE receives Queen’s Award from the Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire

Earlier this year we won the Queen’s Award for KANE CARE 5 Star Customer Service - Our promise to never let you down or your money back