Kane International Invests in Solar PV System

Kane International Invests in Solar PV System
Solar powered panels charge electric cars
As part of KANE’s continued efforts to improve its environmental performance, we have invested in a Solar PV System for our site in Welwyn Garden City.

The Solar Panels, located on the roof of KANE House, will supply up to 6,900 kWh of energy on an annual basis – enough to drive an electric car over 23,000 miles!* (Nearly once around the earth)

The Solar Panels will also offset up to 3 tonnes of CO2 per year, making a strong contribution to company-wide efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. One initiative was to invest in electric charging points for our staff’s electric vehicles (pictured above). We have more exciting plans lined up, watch this space…

KANE International's Electric Vehicles

*Based on electric car performance of 30kwh per 100miles