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KANE is delighted to celebrate 60 years in Hertfordshire by being the first to support Hertfordshire Community Foundation (HCF) & Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Putting the Heart in Hertfordshire’ campaign.

While Hertfordshire is wealthy, it has many economically deprived areas and citizens in desperate circumstances. HCF is the official charity for Hertfordshire, donating over £20 million to over 2,500 local organisations, and HCF mentoring programmes ensure charities have skills needed to deliver their objectives.

Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce (HCC) represents local businesses and recently partnered with HCF to encourage businesses to engage in their community through charitable donation - KANE is the first to donate.

KANE is a 2nd generation family business proud of its 60 year community support and partnering with HCF means we can turn our future donations into great outcomes.

For example, colleagues worried about mental health issues made worse by COVID and cost of living want to help but agreeing where to start or which charity to support is challenging.

HCF has already done this work, identifying who to fund and mentor, and the “Heart in Hertfordshire” fund increases how many charities HCF can support.

KANE is pleased to be Hertfordshire’s first business to support this fund and looks forward to helping keep the Heart into Hertfordshire.

To know how you can help HCF, either call Amanda Jansen, HCF Head of Philanthropy, on 01707 251351, email [email protected] or visit


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