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We’re delighted to introduce Tewke Tap - a game changing innovation in home automation.

What is Tewke Tap?

Tewke Tap is an intelligent light switch launching Summer 2024, following 3 years of patent protected development by Tewke, a specialist home automation company.

Tewke Tap transforms any normal light switch into a colour touchscreen & speaker with 9 sensors.

Tewke Tap automates home lighting, climate control & security and monitors air quality.

Tewke Tap can be set at home or remotely by app - it takes no time and learns daily how to improve home energy efficiency. The best bit - painless installation in under 5 minutes with no neutral, rewiring or internet connection needed.

Tewke now wants your help introducing customers to simple, intelligent & effective home automation.

What’s the benefit for me?

Become a Tewke founding partner and be rewarded every time you install a Tewke Tap - Tewke provides training, support & customer referrals to match your level of support. You’ll receive £100 for every home you connect and £50 for every additional Tewke Tap fitted.

Learn more about the future of home automation here:

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