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UK Government is helping over 5,000 heating engineers install heat pumps, offering “First come, first served” £500 training discounts at eligible centres - training typically takes 2-3 days.

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It’s helping the UK go net zero by 2050, together with £5,000 home owner heat pump grants for work done by MCS registered installers.

Although the Govt won’t pay installers to become MCS registered, many heat pump suppliers manage MCS certification on their behalf, removing compliance headaches and admin costs.

Installers worried about test equipment can be reassured KANE Flue Gas Analysers already measure heat pump flow & return temps as easily as boiler flow & return temps.

KANE LINK analysers like our KANE458s & new KANE460 perform this wirelessly - handy when you’re inside testing a heat pump outside.

F Gas, A/C & refrigeration engineers can use our KANE460 HVACR - the only boiler, heat pump, A/C & refrigeration analyser calculating superheat & sub cool wirelessly - No manifold or hoses required.

Every KANE analyser has KANE CARE - Our award winning promise to never let you down or your money back.

For more information about training grants see here

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