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5 or more KANE analysers?

Managing analysers and organising annual recertification is easy when you use KANE ASSET MANAGER.

Our online dashboard is trusted by over 400 organisations with over 20,000 analysers.

KANE ASSET MANAGER tracks every analyser by colleague, team & location, delivering online certification status & automatic reminders.

KANE ASSET MANAGER controls your costs - our all inclusive price renews your annual warranty for up to 10 years and covers probe, printer, charger & carry bag repair or replacement when required.

KANE ASSET MANAGER includes KANE CARE same day service & recertification with free collection & return or your money back.

You also get 50% off replacement analysers if yours are stolen.

KANE ASSET MANAGER tracks every analyser, simplifies admin, saves time & removes stress - for more information, call 0800 059 0800, email [email protected] or visit

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