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It’s time to stop CO with 5 new CO solutions from KANE:

Our KANE79 logger monitors CO levels on site then can be left on site if you can’t identify the problem for up to 2 weeks before transferring results to our KANE LIVE app.

Our KANE CO analyser tests any appliance for CO, performs an automatic sweep test and links to our KANE79 to simultaneously test ambient air – simple, safe & fast.

Our KANE-LCA landlord certificate analyser delivers legally required certificates in 3 easy steps: tightness, appliance service mode & sweep – simple, safe & fast.

Our CMD analyser helps engineers step up to CMDDA1 with 5 step tests: Tightness, appliance service mode plus simultaneous room & sweep tests with results you can share – simple, safe & fast.

Our IGEM GL8 incident investigation analyser is the only analyser measuring CO to 100,000 PPM or 10% CO, simultaneously testing 4 rooms for ambient CO - It shows how CO moves around a home while you’re testing its source.

Our 5 new CO solutions are backed by KANE CARE, KANE LINK & KANE UKAS.

KANE CARE is our award winning customer service promise or your money back.

KANE LINK available on some analysers is our future proof promise.

KANE UKAS is our gold standard calibration certificate service suitable for legal submission - Our calibration laboratory is the only one certified by UKAS to ISO 17025.

Any KANE analyser can be tested to KANE UKAS for a fixed fee and one extra day.

It’s time to stop CO.

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