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We welcomed 14 plumbing & heating students from Oaklands College St Albans for a training session and to see how we design and make our analysers and deliver award winning KANE CARE customer service.

Rebecca Cocks, our regional sales manager & registered gas engineer, explained why and how engineers test appliances to ensure they work as intended and stop deaths and injuries from CO, a toxic gas you cannot smell or see.

Rebecca also highlighted what analysers do and how to look after them.

We used examples from our Time To Stop CO campaign to explain how engineers must protect customers from CO and also themselves from sources of CO they didn’t expect to find.

After the tour, each student received a KANE78 personal CO alarm & ID card holder.

We’re also giving the most successful student a free KANE analyser kit when they graduate.

To bring the next generation to KANE, email [email protected] or call 0800 059 0800.

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