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Kane industrial analysers
Kane Industrial Analysers

We proudly introduce two new Industrial analysers and our new KANE-GCU gas conditioning unit.

Industrial boiler commissioning & service engineers can now choose between two great analysers – our new KANE958 & KANE988 with KANE LINK.

KANE958-indusrial fgal

KANE 958

Our KANE958 is the world’s first industrial flue gas analyser with a rotary dial, large 6 line display & 10 year warranty.

Its unique rotary dial simplifies how to use it with easy data transfer to your smartphone or tablet using our free KANE LIVE app.

The KANE958 measures O2 & CO with hydrogen compensation to 10,000ppm and measures 2 optional gases such as NO, NO2 or SO2.

You can also measure CO up to 10% / 100,000ppm and add any optional sensor any time for a fixed price.

Our KANE958 has KANE LINK – our promise to future proof your analyser – enabling you to wirelessly measure CO, temp, humidity & airflow in indoor & outdoor environments with optional probes.



Our new KANE988 is the world’s 1st industrial flue gas analyser measuring up to 9 gas ranges.

It’s ideal for boilers with stack draughts over 50mbar and for engineers who want a graphic display and the option to measure up to 9 gases.

The KANE988 measures O2, CO2, HC & CO with hydrogen compensation to 10,000ppm & 10% as standard and optionally measures NO, NO2, SO2 & H2S.

Its double strength pump tests any boiler; its graphic display shows trends & numbers and it transfers results to your smartphone or tablet with our free KANE LIVE app.

Our KANE988 also has KANE LINK to wirelessly measure CO, temp, humidity & airflow in indoor & outdoor environments with optional probes.

Both analysers come with our industrial PTFE lined flue gas probe, charger & heavy duty rucksack to make big boiler testing easy – kit options are available.


For peace of mind, they are also both backed by KANE CARE – our promise to never let you down, or your money back – with a 10 year warranty, all inclusive service & recertification and 50% off a stolen replacement analyser.



Customers needing accurate NO2 & SO2 measurements will enjoy our new KANE-GCU portable gas conditioning unit. It is a compact, easy to use and fully portable gas conditioning unit, instantly removing flue gas water vapour to ensure dry gases reach your analyser.

NO2 & SO2 – both easily absorbed in water – aren’t lost before reaching your analyser.

Our KANE-GCU takes a minute to set up and is soon ready to sample flue gases – simply insert its probe into the boiler stack and connect your KANE958 or KANE988.

Our KANE-GCU comes with a high temperature stainless steel probe for flue gases up to 1250 C, 10M neoprene tube to connect your analyser, AC power and compact carry bag for easy transportation up chimney stacks.

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